Server Information

Episode Episode 14.2: Eclage
Server Mode Renewal
Max Level 150/70 (2-1/2-2 Trans Classes)
Max Stats 120
Max ASPD 190
Max Zeny 2,000,000,000
Max Refine +20
Base & Job 25x/25x
Item Drop 15x
Normal Card Drop 0.10%
Boss Card Drop 0.05%

Custom Modifications

PK Setting: Enabled (MVP MAPS)
Guild Ally: Disabled
Guild Cap: 16
BG/WoE Supp: Available on Telma BG Tool Dealer (@go bg).
Automated BG: Click Me!
Other Mods: Click Me!
Daily Quests: Gives you Territe that can be used to create Headgears, Equipments, and more!
Quest Shops: You can obtain Cash Headgears by just doing quests, We also have new Equipement Quests.
Costume Maker: This NPC allows you to make your normal headgear to costume.


Havoc SAGA offers a lot of custom modification that make the game more easy unlike the official R Online servers, We made this changes because we feel that the games old mechanics on how to enjoy the game is not fun anymore. We are also accepting suggestions from players that can give us in-depth feedbacks.


We offer a lot of Automated Events happening daily in the server, this way players can earn Gold Coins which can be converted into Cash Points with 1:1 ratio, So even without donating to the server you can still have your way to get Cash Items.

War of Emperium

WoE in the server is non-existent yet since the community is small, but once we grow we plan on adding them and modifying it to the server needs.